Gear Cutting, Thread Rolling & Screw Cutting Engineering Nottingham

With a well established Gear Cutting & Threading department, PAR can offer speedy, accurate manufacture for a huge array of gear types and sizes. Our specialist engineering teams also offer bespoke thread rolling and screw cutting, alongside full design services where required.

Our gear cutting facility can produce an outstanding selection of gears and in a wide range of materials. Spurs and single helicals, through sprockets up to 56 inch outside diameter x 9 inch face. We also machine straight bevels up to 1 1/4cp x 14 inch comb distance. Our Nottingham site can manufacture worm wheels up to 2 inch cp x 13 inch diameter with thread milling and splining up to 3 ft. Straight cut racks can be engineered to 3 ft 6 inches in length. To complement our expansive gear cutting expertise, we also provide all turning, milling and drilling services so you can benefit from our true one-stop engineering service.
With an incredible selection of thread rolling equipment and engineering experience, our team can roll up to 100mm diameter / 4tpi using a 31.5 tonne pressure system. With a choice of rolls available, including ISO, Acme & Trapezoidal, our team is always happy to provide specific advice  for your needs.
In addition to the screw manufacturing for the PAR equipment range, we can supply volumes of Multi-Starts, Single Starts and Taper threads, working to a maximum size of 250 mm diameter x 2000 mm as well as multiple worm types depending on application.
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Professional Gear & Screw Cutting & Thread Rolling

With over 30 years in British engineering and manufacturing, the PAR team can produce single or scaled volume, bespoke cut gears, rolled threads and screws to exacting specifications. Our parts are used in a whole host of situations and environments from our own internationally shipped jacks to locomotives and military applications.

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