Specialist Equipment, Direct from PAR

If you have a project or contract which requires equipment or product design and engineering expertise, then you need to speak with PAR.... Our team, like our products, is built with knowledge, experience and passion for fine craftsmanship

Quality Components
Durable, skillfully crafted UK made parts & accessories...
Precision Engineering
Components are precision engineered to exacting specifications.
Practical, Robust Designs
From the winding handles on our winches and jacks to internal gearing, braking or locking mechanisms, our engineers create robust equipment - designed to last.
Specialist Jacks
PAR 2 Speed Wormscrew Box Jack - As we design all of our gearing systems for our Jacks, we can create the ideal Jacking solution for your needs...
In-House Zinc Plating
From Bright Zinc Plating to a Yellow Passivated finish, our in-house Zinc Plating line offers a volume capacity for one-off's and continuous production alike.
Volume Production
From individually engineered items to volume manufacturing, our Nottingham team will be happy to discuss your needs - no matter how big or small the job in hand.
Best of British Engineering
Our design & engineering team are always happy to talk with you about your projects. And, with a wealth of experience across an expanse of industries you can be sure any suggestions or ideas we offer will be right for the job.
Precision Laser Profiling
Our specialist laser profiling engineers will help make your products a reality, with our designers available to discuss details for individual or managed production requirements.
Scalable Manufacturing
With over 45,000 square feet of production space at our Nottingham site, call us to find out how we can help you...
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