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Sidewind Prop Jacks

An incredibly smooth, yet solidly designed and built Sidewind Prop Jack from PAR. With product heights available in stock up to 600mm, and a lifting capacity up to 4000 KG, this PAR jack is an excellent all-round model for a range of demanding applications and environments.

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Product Category: PAR Jacks, PAR Products

The PAR Sidewind Prop Jack delivers a robust telescopic jacking solution, in self colour finish, across a range of lifting capacities from 1000 KG to 4000 KG (bespoke specification manufacturing available upon request).

Delivered from stock with a round base for our 1000 KG & 2000 KG models and square base for 3000 KG & 4000 KG Sidewind Prop Jacks.

Please review our dimensions table for further details. British built, quality Sidewind Prop Jacks - delivered direct from our manufacturing site in Nottingham. 

Sidewind Prop Jack DiagramSidewind Prop Jack Dimensions

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