3000KG Winch [Vertical]

The PAR PCW80B is a Vertically mounted winch with right-hand operation. THE PCW80B winch also benefits from our custom brake assembly, with an impressive 3000KG lifting capacity and brilliant yellow passivated corrosion resistant finish.

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Product Category: PAR Winches

PAR PCW80B Winch

The PAR PCW80B is a vertically mounted winch with right-hand operation and a massive 3000kg capacity.

Benefiting from our own in-house designed custom brake assembly, the PCW80B comes fitted complete with a 12 metre wire cable and durable clasp hook which can accommodate up to 25mm diameter bar. Like all PAR winches, the PCW80B is manufactured to exacting specification right here in Nottingham and is plated in-house with a yellow passivated finish to provide excellent corrosion resistance. Please do not hesitate to speak with one of the team if you require a tailored specification winch or an alternative finish.

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